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October 29, 2010

Ten Years of Visceralism - The Visceralist Manifesto

The ideas of Visceralism are easy to set forth and understand at this advanced date. I first proposed the concept of Visceralism many years ago, when friends and aficionados of my work inquired about the conceptual ideas in play. After many years of ongoing use, the central tenets are well developed.

The essence of Visceralism is a sudden grasp on the senses; the pleasure of color; and the enactment of bold composition. Visceralism has no use for pseudo-Impressionism; the dripping vagaries of "bad painting;" the stultifying formalism of the academy; or the pissant parasite of plastic painting. Visceralism embraces the lush juiciness of oil; bold strokes of graphite; and the vigorous exercise of both additive and subtractive tools. Visceralism is all about the kind of oil painting you can sink your teeth into, metaphorically speaking.

Visceralism embraces all forms of depiction, whether representational or abstract. Visceralism knows no boundaries, other than remaining true to the spirit of the brush that calls it forth.


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February 2, 2003

Fly Eye

Fly Eye, Oil on Linen Panel, 2005, by Jedd Haas

Fly Eye, Oil on linen panel, 24.25 × 30.625, 2004.

This painting can be thought of as the tail end of the Visceralist Manifesto series.

Exhibition inquiry

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