Gallery Tungsten by Jedd Haas

June 27, 2011

The Art Certificate

The Gallery Tungsten 2011 Art Certificate is a transactional experiment. A limited edition of 1000 certificates has been printed and will be given away, sold, or traded to various recipients. While intended for the recipient's personal collection, the recipient may redeem the certificate; modify it, trade it, or discard it as they see fit. Gallery Tungsten is the sole arbiter of all redemption and may elect to value it in accordance with any of the above factors. The text below appears on the Art Certificate. All certificates are numbered and a log will be kept to track the provenance of all certificates.

The painting Semicolon and Period Battle the Butcher Block appears on the face of the certificate. The text below appears on the reverse.

This Print is one of a limited edition of One Thousand Numbered Art Certificates. Gallery Tungsten will accept this Art Certificate in trade for other work by Jedd Haas, at a minimum initial value of $100; for work priced above $100. The value of this Art Certificate may fluctuate at the benevelent whim of the Issuer, due to the completely unregulated status of this Art Certificate. Although this certificate is intended for your personal collection, it can be redeemed, as mentioned; and it may also be freely traded or sold. You may modify this Certificate to increase or decrease its value at your own risk. Modifications should be attempted by professionals only; and all changes in value will be at the sole discretion of the issuer of this Art Certificate. See for details.

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December 17, 2007

Guitar Talk

I like fine guitars. They are super nice to play!

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January 25, 2005

Peeling Skins from the Hide

Old ptg support failing...peeled the canvas skins from their hides.

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