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February 22, 2005

Postmodernist Zen Incense Burner #4/6

The interior of the Incense Burner is covered with densely regimented cones to allow creative placement of all types of incense. The brutalist regularity of the cones evinces the Modernist touches to this unique object. Made of fireproof ceramic, the burner will stand up to massive incense burning assaults; with proper care, this burner will last a lifetime. The burner was custom-manufactured and pre-aged through an extensive burn-in testing cycle.

The Classical curved shapes on the top of the burner signify its heritage as a noble piece of minute architecture. Combined with the uncompromising modernism of the interior cones and the Ultra Modern Semi-Brutalist back holes (not pictured) this piece exists as an integrated monument in miniature to Postmodernism. Combined with the all-natural Game Theory markings on the front, this piece functions deeply on many critical levels.

Edition of 6, 2005, $1,800.

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Burner 1/6 red-dot-crop.gif
Burner 2/6 - available
Burner 3/6 red-dot-crop.gif
Burner 4/6 - Reserved for exhibition
Burner 5/6 - available
Burner 6/6 - available

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